Maldives – The holiday you will never forget

The Maldives is a very beautiful tropical country in the Indian Ocean. It is famous for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. Maldives is a very popular holiday destination, thanks to its serene landscape and magical views.

Reaching Maldives

You can reach Maldives only by air. Male International Airport is the main airport, connecting it to all major countries in South-East Asia. There are also direct flights from Dubai, and chartered flights from Europe, China and Singapore. The airport is located on Hulhule Island, and it is the only international airport of Maldives.

When to go

The best time to go to Maldives is between November and April. The monsoon season falls between May and October. It is best to go in the dry weather.

Tourist attractions you must visit

There is a lot you can do in Maldives; there are so many places to see and experience. Here are some of them:

Maldives National Museum

The National Museum of Maldives is located at Sultan Park in Male. It used to be the palace of the Sultan of Maldives. There are many well-kept artefacts of Maldivian culture, including coins, royal antiques, furniture, clothing, etc, here.

Grand Friday Mosque

The Grand Friday Mosque is a major tourist attraction in Male. It is a well-maintained Islamic centre, with distinct architecture. It is the largest mosque of the country.

Scuba-diving at Manta Point

Scuba diving from Manta Point is very popular. You will find lots of tourists here. You can snorkel or scuba dive with Manta rays. It is the experience of a lifetime.

Sampling the local cuisine

The Maldivian cuisine consists largely of rice, coconut and garudhiya, a fish broth served with rice, lime, chilli and onions. There are many eateries to choose from, such as The Lighthouse Restaurant, Ithaa, the first all-glass undersea restaurant of the world, etc.

What to shop for

The Majeedhee Magu and Chaandanee Magu are prominent streets for shopping in Maldives. From textiles and clothing to electronics, you can buy everything. Locally-made t-shirts, miniature boats, artefacts, hand-made products, etc, are freely available.


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