Trekking in your blood? Try the Kuari Pass trek

So you are a serious trekker? Not for you the gentle slopes and mild ascents and descents. You mean business. Right. We have the perfect trek for you.

Go and try the Kuari Pass trek. And if you happen to be exploring the Himalayas for the first time, you will be quite overcome. One of the most well-known treks of Chamoli in Uttarakhand, the Kuari Pass trek is a sheer delight. Located at a height of 4268 mt above sea-level, it is a favourite with professional trekkers, and an ideal camping spot in summers. The magical forest trails, awe-inspiring mountain views and quaint campsites are sure to make an indelible impression on you. You will encounter spectacular Himalayan views, see deep gorges and come across sleepy meadows, even as you make your way through patches of pristine forests.

Trek starting points

The Kuari Pass trek, also known as the “Curzon trail” after Lord Curzon, who undertook this expedition in 1905, can be commenced from three different starting points of Ghat, Joshimath and Tapovan. The longest route is the one that starts from Ghat. All the starting points reach Gailgarh, where from the Kuari Pass can be scaled on the same day and you can return to the base camp.

Breakdown of the trek

Here are some details about the trek.

Trek 1: Joshimath, Auli, Gorson, Gailgarh to Kuari Pass

There are two trekking routes from Joshimath.  The first one goes through Auli, Gorson, Tali and Chitrakantha, and the other goes from Mirag, Tugasi and Khulara to Gailgarh and Kuari Pass. From Auli, you will walk through dense green forests to Gailgarh and Kuari.  The undulating slopes are a sight to behold. From Tali to Chitrakantha, all that you will find is a goat track – horses and mules will not be able to pass on this stretch.  

Trek 2: Ghat, Ramni, Sanatoli to Kuari Pass

Ghat is located about 19 kn from Nandprayag in the Nandakini Valley. From here, the route goes via Ramni, Sarkot, Jhenjipatni, Pana, Irani, Sanatoli and Domabhiti to Kuari Pass. The trek passes through the picturesque spots of Ramni, then goes on to Sarkot and Sanatoli. This part of the trek can be quite strenuous, particularly the bit between Ghat and Ramni, and Domabhiti and Kuari.

Trek 3: Joshimath, Mirag, Tugasi and Khulara to Kuari Pass

This trek starts from Joshimath via Mirag, Tugasi and Khulara to Gailgarh, ending at Kuari Pass. You will pass through dense forests and small meadows.

Trek 4: Tapovan, Khulara to Kuari Pass

The fourth trek starts from Tapovan, which is 16 km from Joshimath. You will pass through the breathtakingly beautiful Tapovan Valley. But be warned, while it is the shortest route, it is a tough trek. You will have to make a steep ascent and it can be quite tiring.

In the end, the Kuari Pass trek is not just a trek; it is the experience of a lifetime – one that will stay with you for a long, long time to come.



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