Emotional Wedding Song Most Damsels in Distress listen to!


Sab Ki Baaratein Aayee is an emotional wedding song, most unmarried girls listen to. Especially if they have had a break-up, have come out of a serious relationship, have a failed marriage, etc.

Every girl dreams of getting married and her Wedding Day is supposed to be the most beautiful day of her life. All girls dream of their Prince.


But incase her dream man ditches her, ends up hurting her, or turns out to be a Jerk, or if the marriage is annulled, etc.. It can be very upsetting.

For the girl who thought this is my Hero and has always dreamt about him, and instead the same guy turns out to the villain, it can be very dissapointing and hurting!.

Sab Ki Baratein Ayi is a very emotional song which express the feelings of any girl who dreams of getting married. (But ends up facing hurdles or in the while ends getting hurt)


……But Love the Song!

…….xoxo Sasha

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