Make your marriage special by these beautiful wedding rings

If you’re in the midst of planning a wedding then wedding rings are probably one of your major worries. While choosing the perfect band might be a difficult and important decision for you. Precious metals like gold and platinum tend to be at the top of the list in terms of price. Less precious metals like titanium, tungsten, and sterling silver drive the cost way down, so here is a list of beautiful wedding bands which you can easily afford for your wife to be.

Gold Round Black & White Diamond Wedding Band

The swirl design of this band is truly unique and the black diamond portion can be mixed with white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold depending on your preference. If you’re looking for something a little bit wider, the same designer has a ring that looks like two of these swirl bands were stacked on top of one another.

Pave Diamond Wedding Band

Get a major sparkle with your wedding band by incorporating a pavé ring next to your engagement ring. With pave diamonds, tiny stones are set closely together and cover the surface of the band. Traditional brides are very drawn to this style because it has just the right amount of sparkle without being too overwhelming.

Stackable Wedding Band

Stacking has been taking over in all aspects of jewelry, so it’s no surprise to us that this trend made the list! These thin diamond bands are designed to be worn on top of one another along with the engagement ring. This makes for a fun, unique look that can be personalized however you want. Brides that want the “stacked” look will usually choose one or two stackable bands for the wedding day to start her collection off.

Rose Gold Wedding Band

This romantic metal has been really been rising to the top when it comes to engagement rings, but now it’s also one of the most popular trends for wedding bands. The color of rose gold is elegant, timeless and warm. The best part of all is it gives you a new color option to express your style. As an added bonus, the warm hue is flattering on the majority of skin tones so everyone can get in on this girly trend.

Classic Platinum Band

For our brides-to-be that have elaborate, glamorous engagement rings, it can sometimes be best to go for a classic plain band. Matching a plain band with an engagement ring that has some extra sparkle can complement it very nicely and keep the main focus on the engagement ring. There are many different sizes you can choose from, it all comes down to your personal favorite and what will look best with the engagement ring. Plain wedding bands have been a very popular choice lately among celebrities as well.


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