Perfect destinations for Pre-Wedding shoot

The wedding is the most important part in someone’s life. Well, today is the trend of big fat Indian weddings with more rituals and functions. Well, there is something more to the wedding which increases its charm that is pre-wedding shoot. If you are the bride to be and planning for a wedding shoot then I have got some best places for you.

Hyderabad: Taj Falaknuma Palace

Frequently chosen by celebrities as their abode for both weddings and stays, the Taj Faluknama in Hyderabad is one of the best hotels in India for a pre-wedding photo shoot. The Nizami charm of this place perfectly complements the modern love, making it one of the hottest destinations in India for couples who want a royal photo shoot.

National Rail Museum Chanakyapuri in Delhi

This one comes second in our list of locations that are not mainstream at all as far as wedding shoots are concerned. The museum is so beautiful that it has hundreds of artifacts to offer to you as backdrops. Even the entire rail feel that it gives is so 80s.

Udaipur Udaivilas

There is royalty painted on every single wall in this hotel. The terraces to the olden architecture just help spread the magic of love in the air. For a couple, that knows that class is permanent and cannot be compromised on; Udaipur Udaivilas is simply the perfect destination. It is also the most preferred destination in the country for a royal wedding.

Jadhavgadh Fort

Jadhavgadh fort is quite a hit in the state of Maharashtra. The fort in Pune that is converted into the hotel, hosts various people who come to stay or simply enjoy a day here. The whole place has a very rustic feel to it. For a couple, that wants a slightly ancient look to the shoot- Jadhavgadh Fort is the perfect option. The stairs here whisper stories of olden times and the air is always filled with an air of traditions that are not completely lost.

Rambagh Palace

Well, Rambagh Palace in Jaipur is definitely one of the best places to capture your love. It creates a mysterious romantic blanket around you for night shoots and quickly lights up your moods during day shoots. It is a perfect location for the bride who is as bright as the sun. Ramit Batra, an acclaimed wedding photographer in India considers this to be one of his most favorite locations to shoot in. Once all the wedding festivities kick start, mark down this place to be considered for a fun and yet a very royal wedding.


Lavasa in Pune is slowly and eventually catching up to be one of the best locations to visit and have a good time. I also remember a couple of my friends shooting their documentaries in Lavasa for the beautiful frames and composition that it provides in the camera. Lavasa is basically a melange of old school charm with quintessential natural elements.

Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

That is the thing about Rajasthan- there is a palace which has converted into the hotel to give people to opportunity to have a royal wedding that they have always wanted. The blue city of Jodhpur would exactly provide you all that this color stands for- calmness, pleasantness and coolness. For any couple that possesses all the aforementioned traits, there is no better place to have a pre-wedding shoot or a wedding shoot for that matter than Bhawan Palace Jodhpur. The best part is that even though it is on the royal side; it is not as highly priced as an Udaivilas to have the dream royal wedding that you have always dreamt of ever since you met your partner.

Park Hyatt Resort and Spa

Overall Goa is known as a romantic destination, but little do people know that it is equally a great photo shoot destination too. Firstly the beaches of Goa are perfect backdrops for such a beautiful occasion, and next the white and splash hues of the golden sand are going to give a real treat for your eyes whenever you look into your photos. What can be more mesmerizing than the unpredictable sun, beautiful beaches, and lovely beaches, you can gather all these from the park Hyatt Resort and Spa venue.

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