Tips for brides-to-be

Are you about to get married? You must have many things on your mind. Your impending wedding can be a stressful affair, but you need to learn how to relax. Because stress will rob your skin of its sheen. In fact, you need to take special care of your skin and face so that you look your best on your wedding day.

Here are a few tips for brides-to-be:

  • Take care of your under-eye skin

This is the most delicate area of the face as the skin under the eyes is thin and can wrinkle and darken easily. And if you are stressed, it will show first under your eyes. So, make sure that you relax and take care of the under-eye area. Use under-eye creams and gels, or better still, take some cotton wool, dip it in almond oil, and rub gently in one direction under the eyes. Leave on till morning and wash off.

  • Keep your skin clean

Covering up your skin with cosmetics is not enough; you need to cleanse your skin. Only if you have clear skin will your photos look good up close. Before going to bed, cleanse your skin with some rosewater and then apply your night cream or moisturizer.

  • Make sure your lips remain soft and supple

You don’t want the lipstick to crack and peel on your wedding day, do you? Well, that’s what is likely to happen if your lips are chapped and cracked. Start taking care of your lips long before your wedding day. Exfoliate them gently and use a good quality lip balm many times a day to keep them soft and supple. Plus, wipe your lips thoroughly every time you eat so that tiny food particles do not get trapped on your lips. Bacteria grow on left-over organic matter on your lips, resulting in dark and patchy lips.

  • Attend to your hair

Wash your hair with mild shampoos and use conditioners after the shampoo. Oil your scalp once in a while and wash it off the next day. Besides, use hair masks to give your hair shine and manageability. Avoid using hair dryers and hair colours. Do not go for a bold new hairstyle. This is not the time to experiment.

  • Don’t try anything new

Many young women think it is a cool idea to try a new hairstyle, a new hair colour, a new cosmetic product on their wedding day, or just a day before. This can spell disaster. NEVER try anything new just a few days before your wedding, leave alone on your wedding day. You never know how the experiment will come out. Stick to the routine and don’t try anything fancy.


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