Your lips need your attention — here’s how to take care of them

Love to pout? It won’t look good unless your lips are healthy, soft and supple. The skin on our lips is much thinner than the skin on the other parts of our body, which means you need to take extra care of them. Lips also have fewer oil glands, and they cannot create natural melanin. Unfortunately, this results in lips being virtually defenceless.

In winter, lips face great problems. Dryness makes them chap and crack, as they get dehydrated. But the cold air is not the only problem. Sun, dry air, wind, pollution, minute food deposits left behind on lips – all these are responsible for our lips looking less than awesome.

Here is how you can take care of your lips

  • Use lip balm regularly

This is the easiest and best remedy for lips. Just keep hydrating them several times a day with a good quality lip balm. Lip balms contain waxes and oils and these help to maintain moisture in the lips. Some lip balms also contain menthol and camphor to soothe cracked lips. Others contain allantoin or aloe to speed up the healing process. And yet others incorporate sunscreens with UVA-protecting ingredients like avobenzone, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Use this kind only when you are outdoors.

  • Do not lick your lips

When our lips feel dry, we have a natural tendency to lick them, hoping to make them moist. But this only makes the problem worse. Once the saliva evaporates, your lips will feel even more dry and chapped. Instead, dab on lip balm every time you feel them drying.

  • Wash your lips properly after eating

When you eat, microscopic food particles get deposited on your lips, especially of you are wearing lipstick. Bacteria then attack the food particles, giving your lips an ugly, dark look. To prevent this, wash your lips gently, but thoroughly, after you eat. You can always use lipstick again.

  • Scrub your lips

Lips also need a scrub once in a while. Prepare a lip scrub at home by mixing sugar with cinnamon and honey. Apply this mixture on your lips and rub gently. This will help to exfoliate dead skin, and give your lips a glowing look.

  • Always use good quality lipstick

It is good to use lipstick when you go out. Lipstick will actually protect your lips from the dust and pollution and dry air. But make sure to use a good quality lipstick. Never go for cheap stuff. It is better not to use a lipstick than use a cheap, harmful one. And when you get back home, always remember to wipe off all the lipstick, and the dirt and grime that may have collected on it.


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